A Survivor's Perspective

Honoring Angels

In Honor of Angels

Hillary Clinton once said “It takes a village to raise a child.” I found out the hard way that it takes a whole city of caregivers to get through a major illness.

In addition to the great support of my family and friends, I want to recognize the professionals who brought me through.

My journey started with the Surgeon:
     Dr. Josette Spotts and her assistants Sharon and Sherry

I then proceeded to my Oncology Team
     Dr. Mary Ann Allison and her assistants Geri and Chrystal
          The Chemo Techs: Maudine, Denise and Katrina
          The “Blood Sucker” Trish, and last, but not least of this group,
          The ever-vigilant MeMe, who monitored me and alerted the staff to any problems

Finally came Radiology
     Dr. Matthew Schwartz and his assistants Jill and Sandy
          The Radiation Techs:

Along with this group of wonderful caregivers, I must thank all of the technicians, lab workers, schedulers, and insurance experts (keeping track of billing is not the least of this process), hospital workers, diagnostic teams, and all of the associated staffs.

I was given great care and shown kindness and compassion throughout the entire process.

The only way I know how to show my gratitude is by giving back. That is why I created Barbara’s Breast and Pink Links. If I can give one person comfort, guidance or peace of mind, I will feel that I am passing on the good graces and wonderful works of my caregivers. I thank you and love you all.