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About Me

A Place For Inspiration, Insight, and Just Getting Through The Day

Barbara’s Breast is not a website about breast cancer. It is a website for everyone. Everyone suffers somehow; through disease, the loss of loved ones, separations, or the monotony of just getting through everyday life.

As you probably have guessed, my name is Barbara. What you don’t know about me is that I have always had a dream. Not the big “I am going to solve world hunger dream”, but a dream none the less. If I could just make one person smile, uplift someone’s spirit or give a piece of practical advice to help make someone’s day a little easier, I can make this world a little better place.

I never did much about this dream because there is, of course, always tomorrow — until I was diagnosed with breast cancer. With this diagnosis came the inevitable feeling that there may not be as many tomorrows as originally planned. Fortunately, the tumor was caught early. Fortunately, I went through treatment well and have a very good prognosis. Fortunately, this transformed the “dreaded disease” into the catalyst to fulfill a dream; bringing about the birth of Barbara’s Breast. Through the encouragement of my husband, my family and my friends, the concept started to become a reality.

In order for this site to be a pleasurable and fulfilling site for you, it must be a fun experience for me. That is why I developed only two simple rules. The first rule encourages positive attitude. This is not a place for gloom and doom, only for positive or uplifting messages, along with helpful hints and sound advice. The second rule is my rule of gratitude. Credit will always be given to my sources, whether I am passing on information from well-known experts, like Dr. Phil, Oprah, or Suzy Orman or drawing knowledge from my resident experts who will give advice on subjects such as finance, organization, nutrition and much, much more. You will always know where my material came from and how grateful I am to those supplying information.

I anticipate that the site will change and categories will expand as I move forward in my journey. I hope to make all of your lives a little more enriched and a little easier to manage in the process.