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My never ending gratitude goes to the wonder people who are helping me make this a living site. This great group is providing me with so much more than articles and quotes. They are giving me support, encouragement and the ability to fulfill my dream.

To Lisa Hammond for giving me my daily inspirational quote:

Don’t Let Your Dreams Be Just That

Lisa Hammond
The Barefoot CEO®

Gina Russo of Trenchant Insurance, www.quoteroad.com
“Save On Insurance” in the Finance Category

Brenda Prinzavalli, founder and owner of Balanced Organizing Solutions, LLC. www.balorg.com.
“Who Likes Housework?” in the Organization Category

The Disabled-World website for helping me with the facts. www.disabled-world.com
“What Colors Are You Eating” in the Nutrition Category

The Economides, America’s Cheapest Family. www.americascheapestfamily.com..
“The Economides”, in the Finance Category