A Survivor's Perspective

Category Summaries

Hairs Off To You

There is a select group of us who have experienced a sudden and unexpected loss of hair. This occurrence has diminished the acknowledgment of “Hats Off To You”. I am creating a “Hairs Off To You” category to properly recognize those members of society who have earned great honor and distinction.

If Ever I’m On Jeopardy

Thousands of facts exist to help us through our every day lives. For instance, DID YOU KNOW…if you put taper candles in the freezer before you light them, they will burn much more slowly. I will be supplying these wonderful tidbits of information to you on a regular basis. Sometimes the information will fall into an existing category. If no category exists, these precious gems will fall under the JEOPARDY category. But; wherever they appear, they will always be preceded by the words DID YOU KNOW…

Organize Me, I Dare You

For some, organizing comes easily. For the rest of us, it is a nightmare. We, the organizationally challenged, run out and buy every organizer known to man kind — for date marking, list making, stacking, and placing in a drawer. Fortunately, I have found Brenda. Brenda Prinzavalli, Founder and Owner of Balanced Organizing Solutions. Brenda has developed a motto for those of us who think we need all of the gadgets to make organizing work. “Better to swear by it than to swear at it!” Finally, an organizational expert who realizes we don’t all fit into the same mold. What works for one of us, may not work for someone else. Brenda will be a featured expert in Barbara’s Breast. You can also find her at her website www.balorg.com.

Where Has All The Money Gone

We are in very troubling times and we all need some guidance on what to do with our finances. The finance category of the site will give hints, tips and advice from experts on how to manage your money through good times and bad. (PLEASE SUPPLY OWN CRYING TOWEL).

Do I Really Have To Eat That

I remember an advertisement that played repeatedly when I was growing up. As in most cases, I don’t remember the product, but I do remember the tag line – “ Try It, You’ll Like It”. I have never been a member of the ‘clean your plate’ club, but I do believe in trying new things. Some I like, some I don’t. In the nutrition category, I hope to introduce you to some new dishes, give some helpful hints on easy preparations, and just plain have some fun with food.

I’m Not A Doctor, Nor Do I Play One On TV

We all want to be healthy and we can always find some good tips on how to be more active, eat better, live longer, but we must be very careful using all of this wonderful information. Forgive me for yelling at you and yelling loudly NO MATTER HOW GOOD THE SITE, HOW REPUTABLE THE SOURCE, YOU MUST ALWAYS SEEK THE ADVICE OF A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL. WEBSITES ARE VERY GENERAL, YOU REALLY NEED SPECIFIC KNOWLEDGE ABOUT YOU TO MAKE RATIONAL HEALTH DECISIONS. Now that I have gotten that off my chest, I will share with you my intent for the Health and Wellness category. Until my recent little bout with this silly thing called cancer, I really took my health for granted. I am now starting to pay attention. As I read and do research, I want to share some little tidbits with you on how we can all take little steps to make our lives better. (Helpful Hint: One thing we can do is laugh – a lot)

QUEST FOR EUTOPIA (Or, a journey toward a specific goal to discover a positive utopia)

This has by far been my most difficult category; not the content, but the write-up. My goal is to pass along ideas that we can do as individuals to make this life experience better for all of us. The tasks will range from “keeping it green”, to feeding the homeless, sheltering a pet, joining a charity, reading to the elderly…..unfortunately, the possibilities are endless. In an effort to inspire you to join me on this quest, I ask but one small favor. Make someone smile today, you will feel better for it.