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Who Likes Housework?

Organize Me, I Dare You
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As I have previously stated, being organized is a challenge for me. With the help of a great friend and great organizer, I am able to pass great information on to you. I am trying desperately to practice what I preach, so I will also be giving you a progress update on how certain methods are working for me. Please let me know how these tips are working for you.

The article below is being reprinted with the gracious permission of Brenda Prinzavalli, founder and owner of Balanced Organizing Solutions, LLC. www.balorg.com.

Who likes housework? Dusting, washing, vacuuming, and putting things away. Cutting down the time to do it or the amount you pay someone else to do it are easily within reach. Here are the staggering numbers: Getting rid of clutter eliminates 40% of the housework in an average household. That means 40% less time! Significant enough that it’s worth your time to eliminate some clutter!

Pick one area in your environment and reduce the clutter in that space.

You know the space you need to pick. It’s the one you dread cleaning, the one that takes you the longest or the one that never gets done because it seems like too much! Suggestions

  1. If the items in a space simply need to return to their home, first return them. Then determine why they tend to collect in that space and create a different solution for those items.
  2. It might be time to assess how many knickknacks you have around your environment. If you have a lot, it likely takes time to dust each one. It goes something like this; first move them all off the surface. Clean the surface. Then, one by one, dust them and return them to the location. Imagine if that surface only had 3 items on it and how much LESS time it would take.
  3. The above can also apply if you are a collections person. See if you can still have the collection, but spend less time cleaning it.
  4. The extra clutter can come from casually laying down a coat, a book, a flier from the store, or the item you need to return to the store. Be more purposeful in where you place things. It saves in two ways; first is that you don’t have to touch it a second time to put it in its proper home and second is that you don’t have to move it to clean.

Wishing you 40% less time cleaning or paying someone to clean! You have more important and fun things to do with your time and your money!
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Barbara’s Note: I am an item 1 and 4 person. It takes a concerted effort for me not to just put something down. I will make a concerted effort to find homes for all items and put things away as I use them. I’ll let you know my progress on next weeks post.

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