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How Is Technology Making Us Fat

I’m Not A Doctor, Nor Do I Play One On TV
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Don’t get me wrong, I love new technology. I don’t know how I ever got along without my DVR and I’ve only had it six months. But there are hidden pitfalls with technology and one of them is — Its Making Us Fat.

According to the Center for Disease Control, “on average, both men and women gained more than 24 pounds between the early 1960s and 2002.” www.cdc.gov. Now don’t go thinking ’24 pounds, that’s not so bad’ then go out for a banana split. Twenty four pounds is the increase in averages, which means that we are trending upward in weight and rather quickly.

I have been searching the internet for some kind of chart that would compare the calorie burn for simple household tasks from the 1950’s to now, but have not been able to find one. I know there is someone in internet land that will be able to calculate the differences. I would love it, if they would do so.

For now, we can only look at the differences of how life has changed:

BACK THEN, we were scrubbing floors on hand and knees, NOW we are lightly mopping;
BACK THEN, we used wringer washing machins, NOW we have multi-cycle washers;
BACK THEN, we hung our clothes out to dry, NOW we have automatic dryers;
BACK THEN, we hand-polished our wood furniture with oil, NOW we have Swifters;
BACK THEN, we had to iron everything, NOW we sometimes press;
BACK THEN, we hand drove screws and nails, NOW we have power tools;
BACK THEN, we pushed lawn mowers, NOW we have Rider Mowers;
BACK THEN, we swept carpets or used heavy vacuums, NOW we have Roomba:
BACK THEN, we scrubbed pots and pans, NOW we have Electric Dishwashers;
BACK THEN, we got up to change channels & volume, NOW we have remote controls.

It’s so easy to see how technology has made some aspects of our lives better, but has hindered us in others.

Do I think we should give up on technology? Heck no! Do I think that we are smart enough to come up with alternatives to offset the pitfalls? Heck yes!

When using the remote control, the only muscles working are your thumb muscles. When you get out of your chair to change the channel, you are using your leg muscles, your hip muscles, and your back muscles. During commercials, get up and do some squats, this will use the muscles that have become dormant.

Start ironing again. Ok, its not so strenuous as it used to be, but you will be burning some calories, you clothes will look better and it is a great stress reliever.

Dance!! If you have little ones, they will love to dance with you. If not, dance alone. Put on the radio and dance with you mop, broom, or vacuum. It will not only get you moving, but it is also a stress reliever.

Get back to basics. There is nothing wrong with pushing a shovel or a lawn mower (with Dr. permission). Doing so will not only help get you in shape, it will also help by not polluting the environment. (FYI: gas powered lawn mowers and snow blowers are some of the biggest contributors to pollution.)

I know you get my drift on this. Let’s all start working together to overcome these hidden pitfalls of technology and make our lives happier and healthier, not just easier.

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