A Survivor's Perspective



What better first recipient of my HAIRS OFF TO YOU award could there be than Barack Obama!  I know that he has been getting all the awards lately, is on the cover of every magazine and is being named Man of the Year by almost everyone, but my award is not politically motivated.  Whether you agree with the man’s politics or not, whether you are happy he won the election or not, is irrelevant to his winning this award.

Barack Obama, you came from a modest background, yet you were able to follow the courage of your convictions and go up against one of the most powerful politicians of today.  The fact that you were able to win your parties nomination and go on to defeat a seasoned and well respected opponent is, in my opinion, just icing on the cake.  It is the hope that you have given to so many that is important to me.  It is the respect and admiration that I see in the eyes of your wife, your children and countless people that you will probably never, ever know, that makes you a champion.

HAIRS OFF TO YOU BARACK OBAMA for following your dream and through your example, giving us the encouragement to follow ours.

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