A Survivor's Perspective


I have recently been inundated with a berage of calls from automated systems.  The kind of calls that if you are not the first to answer you get dead air.  My caller id was showing “Unknown Caller”  so I could not even call back to tell them to stop calling.  Becoming increasingly frustrated and annoyed, I called my telecommunciations provider (In my case, Embarq) and asked if there were a solution to this dilemma.   I expected them to tell me nothing could be down or that I would have to document the problem for weeks before I could get a trace.  To my surprise and delight, I got an immediate answer.  DID YOU KNOW… that if you hit *77 you will stop”blocked” calls from coming through to you.  All you have to do–once you get a dial tone–is hit *77, you will get a notice that blocked calls will no longer be sent to your telephone–then you hang up.  It is that simple.  I was amazed.  The party did call me again, using a legitmate line.  I was then able to call them back.  It turns out, they didn’t even want me, they were calling the wrong person.   The best thing is that I learned something new today–maybe after a lot of frustration, but I did learn something today.

(I’m not sure if all telecommunications carriers use *77 for this feature, check your local carrier for the correct access to blocking unwanted calls)

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